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The Sea of Cortez

Our eco-adventure on the Sea of Cortez trips offer American comforts within the protected natural habitats of the region. We keep our groups small; they average between 8-16 guests. This ensures that each guest gets the attention they need. From the moment your Sea of Cortez trip begins, we take care of everything.
Our experienced pilots will fly you direct from San Diego, CA, to the remote corners of this exceptional peninsula around the Sea of Cortez. Just a few short hours away; Baja offers abundant natural resources, beautiful wilderness, and clear tropical Sea of Cortez waters. This all combines to produce the perfect natural holiday. Experience the “true Baja” with us. You’ll be glad you did! In order to maximize your well-being, as well as to get you to an untouched wilderness setting in the least amount of time possible, we use only our own professional pilots and private aircraft to transport you to neighboring Baja, Mexico. All our Baja fishing, whale watching tours, Baja surfing and Baja whale watching trips in the Sea of Cortez begins and ends conveniently in San Diego, California. Baja, Mexico is friendly, politically stable as well as being America’s closest southern neighbor.  
Sea of Cortez clams
The Sea of Cortez is Eco-Tourism Paradise
Sea of Cortez dolphin skeleton
Baja Airventures capable and friendly staff, the isolation and unique natural wonders offered by the area, combine with our offer of private air travel to create an adventure that’s relaxing, fun, and awe inspiring, and at a great value. Your Sea of Cortez Baja vacation will include: ALL air and ground transportation, drinks, excellent meals, comfortable accommodations, and plenty of fun! Look forward to sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez, whale watching trips, Baja whale watching tours, snorkeling, hiking, pure relaxation and much more – the ultimate soft adventure vacation.  

Sea of Cortez & The Midriff Islands Region

The Sea of Cortez’s unspoiled blue waters that meet the shores of Las Animas Wilderness Retreat provide one of the worlds most nutrient rich marine habitats. Tidal flow is diverted by nearby islands, creating a rich mixture of saltwater, oxygen, and nutrients The result of all of these unique climate and geographical formations is the perfect habitat for the abundant sea chain: microscopic plankton, bait and game fish, sea birds, dolphins, sea lions and whales. Twelve species of annual whales; including the Blue Whale (the largest animal that inhabits the planet) make the rich waterways of Sea of Cortez their home. Bottlenose and Common Dolphins, California Sea Lions and Elephant Seals are all found in the Sea of Cortez, often in large numbers. It is not at all uncommon to find large pods of friendly dolphins hundreds of yards wide. California Sea Lions are perhaps most common to the Midriff’s with a large rookery just 2.4 miles from the retreat. Watching the antics of the sea lions from the peace and safety of a sea kayak is a once in a lifetime experience.

That’s why this totally pristine Sea of Cortez region has been coined the ” Galapagos of Mexico”.

Desert Plants & The Sea of Cortez

The stunning Sonoran Desert also offers a truly unique set of inhabitants. More than 20 cactus species thrive here, 70% of which are indigenous to Baja. In the desert along the coast, you’ll also find Boojam and Elephant trees, Giant Cardon Cactus (more than 60 ft.) and Ironwood, all growing with forest like density near the retreat. Hard surfaces and open areas allow for easy to moderate hiking and prime observation opportunities.. Many newcomers to the Baja desert find the plants more prolific in color, variety, and density then they imagined. And in the scarce times of rain, the desert very quickly blooms with a vivid display of greenery and flowers.

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“The website and brochures do not even come close to representing the real beauty of this area.” Comments from dozens of guests. Join us and find out for yourself!